'81 T-40 (Black/Maple w/ bladed pickups) at Pawn Shop in Raleigh

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'81 T-40 (Black/Maple w/ bladed pickups) at Pawn Shop in Raleigh

Post  ack on Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:47 am

If anyone is interested or close by, National Pawn (Rt. 401 South in Garner, NC) has a black T-40 for sale (listed at $199).
I was told that they can go as low as $160 out the door.

It's in fairly rough shape, but it looks like a little TLC will restore it.
The pickup selector switch has been replaced (it's not original).
There's some pitting on the bridge and the usual nicks and dents.
Neck (which is Maple/Maple) doesn't look twisted and could use some relief. The headstock has a few nicks.
I believe the serial # started with 0079, which would put it in the 1981 range.

I did not get a chance to play it.

Might be a cheap pickup for someone.

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