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Replacement Parts Sources

Post  Frank N. Peavey on Wed Dec 01, 2010 1:53 pm

I've been maintaining a list of sources for T-60 parts over at the T-60 Mafia. Here is what I've found so far. Hopefully it will come in handy for the T-40 Mafia.

Rene usually keeps some T-series parts on his page

Switches (thanks to Tie Dye and Beldar45!)

pickup selector switch (DPDT On-On-On) flat style

source: Best Guitar Parts
part number: PJ0014
price: $10.00

source: Digi-Key (comes with the best nut)
part number: CKN1492-ND
price: $12.32

part number: EP 0080-10
price: $13.50

part number: SWM33-17
price: $11.95

phase switch (DPDT On-On) flat style

source: Best Guitar Parts
part number: PJ0012
price: $10.00

source: Digi-Key (comes with best nut)
part number: CKN1033-ND
price: $10.58

source: Radio Shack
part number: 275-636
price: $3.99

part number: 0081-010
price: $8.50

part number: SWM32-17
price: $7.95

phase switch (DPDT On-On) bat style

source: ACME Guitar Works
part number: MTG206N
price: $19.99

pickup selector switch (DPDT On-On-On) bat style

source: ACME Guitar Works
part number: MTG206PA
price: $19.49
This one shows currently out of stock. Sad

source: Allied Electronics
part number: 747-0022
price: $16.15


source: WD Music
I didn't see T-40 listed specifically, but I'm betting they can make them.

pickup mounting rings

source: Frets on the Net

output jack

part number: JK21-17
price: $11.95

source: Stewart-MacDonald
part number: 1819,_pickups/Components:_Jacks/Flush-mount_Output_Jack.html
price: $6.90

pots (solid shaft)
source: Best Guitar Parts
part number: PJ0025
price: $4.50

ITOC #05-00013

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