I want to get active

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I want to get active

Post  chiptodd on Sat Nov 08, 2014 5:51 pm

I've been inactive in bass discussions and haven't gotten to this forum, but want to get active. Due to a botched hand surgery, I can no longer play a guitar, which isn't a lost to anyone but me. However, it prompted me to learn the bass and I got sidelined making small basslets. I don't own a complete T-40, but have enough parts to assemble one or two. Since I can't spread my left hand much, I am confined to the basslet. It caused me to learn a few things about bass that fly in the face of convention. Short scale basslets need the same gauges as the conventional basses. Short scale basses sustain much longer than conventional scale basses, short scale basslets can be played with the strings much lower, and the strings last indefinitely.

Now that I've offended everybody, I still hope to be accepted in this forum. I've been a member for several years, but have not been active. I won't argue and don't know everything there is to a bass, especially playing them, but I'll try to find answers to anything asked about the instrument. There's a book being written about the guitar ans bass aspects of Peavey and it's by an impressive author. I'll have to ask him what he wants said and not said, and hope to find that he'll give the bass side of the guitar production plenty of ink.


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