T-40 newbie with neck problems!

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T-40 newbie with neck problems!

Post  T-40MARK on Thu May 03, 2012 12:40 pm

Hi all, Mark here from South Africa
just got myself a 1980 T-40 in near mint condition
sienna sunburst and rose wood neck
there is a problem with the neck though, there is a major dead spot or warp around the 15Th/16Th/17Th frets
only on the D and A strings, G and E seem to be ok.
does anyone have an idea as to the cause of this and how to fix it?
I'm a little nervous about fiddling too much with a vintage bass
although having said that I used to own a '75 jazz bass who's previous owner happened to over tighten the truss rod warping the board past the thirteenth fret!
so I'm thinking it might be similar scenario here except with the neck tilt screw, is this possible?
I would really appreciate some advice from all the T-40 veterans out there, what is the best approach to the neck tilt adjustment feature in terms of getting the best string height?
is there a way to adjust the truss rod since it does not have the normal Allen key bolt?
also the neck tilt adjustment screw was super tight when I tried moving it which makes me think it was over cranked? loosening did not seem to do anything either.


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Re: T-40 newbie with neck problems!

Post  Frank N. Peavey on Thu May 03, 2012 4:56 pm

Welcome to the T-40 Mafia family! I just got done answering your post on the other T-40 forum.

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